EXCLUSIVE: Pro Era Explains What They Would Do If They Were Signed To A Racist, Brotherhood + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Pro Era supported fellow member CJ Fly and close friend Smoke DZA at DZA’s album release party this past Wednesday (May 7th). During an EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop, the Progressive Era speaks on an impending “shift”, Donald Sterling, what they would do if they were signed to a racist and more.

Dessy Hinds remarked that the entire Donald Sterling controversy went against Pro Era’s philosophy of unity and should be a cause for a social reexamination of the current state of race relations. According to A la $ole, the entire ordeal contains an underlying irony:

You know what I found funny about that, though? I just feel like, he’s going to never lose. TO be honest, he’s an 80 year old and they kicked him off the squad. F*ck it. He bought the team for about $75 million, selling it for $1 billion.

After Joey responded with a vehement “hell yeah”,  the self-proclaimed philosopher Dessy Hinds offers a more compromising answer and mentions and impending “shift”:

We would do the most respected thing and put it in the music. Just preach the message more, enhance that message. 47 shift.

The “47 ” often appeared in songs from their fallen member Capital Steez and Pro Era recently adjusted the swastika image into a number 47 logo. The group placed fliers around Brooklyn bearing the logo and drew negative attention for its resemblance to the Nazi logo. The group informed News 12 that it was a tribute to Steez as well as symbolic of balance and peace.

Less than a month ago, Joey Bada$$ expressed on his personal Twitter account his displeasure with a recent XXL title he felt put him “in a box”. Bada$$ explains that their years of brotherhood is what ensures the public image of Pro.Era does not get sullied:

We a brotherhood, before this business, before this rap, before this music. We’re brothers. We grew up together. We’ve been holding each other down since day one. That’s what’s going to always keep us together.

Check out Pro Era’s full interview below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUv-jrzIjf4]

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