Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Tyrese Put The Apple / Beats Deal In Jeopardy?

Tyrese is a cool dude…however Apple may not know that.

First of all, the deal with Apple and Beats is not complete. Dr. Dre has not gotten his money and he is not the first rap billionaire yet. Even with the deal, he may not be the first billionaire but that’s another story. There is a prevailing rumor that the videos Tyrese did with Dr. Dre in it upset the “apple” cart over at the computer giant. It was Apple that forced Tyrese to remove the videos of him and Dre bragging over the deal before the chicken was hatched! But, how crazy would it be if Tyrese’s social media video screwed up a $3 billion dollar deal? At any rate, I wonder if Apple is looking at all the contrary reports on this deal. The deal may be deaded just because it makes them look a bit crazy.

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