Jay Z Leaving For Rihanna AfterParty Without Beyonce Allegedly Started Elevator Fight W/ Solange

(AllHipHop News) The web that is being woven from a three and a half minute surveillance video of a fight has expanded even further. Hours after reports surfaced that Solange argued with Dame Dash’s ex-wife prior to fight with Jay Z, new developments surface.

According to sources with the The New York Daily Newstensions between Solange Knowles and Jay Z rose once Beyonce’s security, Julius was allegedly informed that Solange’s uninvited friends were attempting to use Jay Z’s name to enter the private Met Gala after party. Reportedly, Jay Z directly informed Solange to “not use my name.”

That comment did not sit well with Solange, however sources say the 27 year old songstress became livid when she learned Jay Z would be leaving to attend a Rihanna-hosted afterparty without Beyonce. Jay Z’s security was informed that he would not be needing extra security since Beyonce would not be attending the event with him, a revelation that a source said sent Solange into a verbal tantrum:

She seemed drunk and irritated. She said ‘Why can’t you go home?’ and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?’

Solange became physical after Jay Z responded to her comment by saying “you’re one to talk.” Jay Z was reported to have left the event in a separate car than Beyonce and Solange and did not attend the Rihanna-hosted afterparty.

AllHipHop will update the story when an official statement is released from any of the parties involved.

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85 Responses to “Jay Z Leaving For Rihanna AfterParty Without Beyonce Allegedly Started Elevator Fight W/ Solange”

      • Sean Taylor

        Exactly. If anyone would use anyone’s name to get into an party it would be Beyonce since that’s her sister.

        This is Jays PR team trying to make her look crazy. He probably gave her a new car or rented her a yacht to chill out and take the L for the team.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I like the clip they played on Hot97 this morning where Solange admitted she has anger issues. Probably why Bey and Jay didn’t look surprised. And now there reporting Jay and Solo were out shopping Tuesday before the story broke. Maybe this is only a big deal to the public.

      • johnblacksad

        Jay’s PR team is so stupid… why didn’t they say she tried to use B.’s name instead of Hov’s to make it more believable since they’re makin the story up?

  1. soyhiphop

    That’s petty of that hitless hoe cause if that’s the case she’s all the way wrong and out of pocket. .jays not her man..mind ya damn bidnezz hoe and join a 12 step program the first step is acceptance

  2. lethal5

    Solange got bitches gassed that they could just swing on niggas.
    Watch, your gonna see a whole lotta bitches laid out on the 6 o’clock news this summer.

      • lethal5

        Solange done started something.
        I’m not condoning it, but theres gonna be a lot a broads on the pavement behind what Solange did.

      • Marvlouz

        I dont condone none of that, but ur absolutely right – especially in this monkey see monkey do society

  3. Q.

    Nice spin, but not a good enough story to convince us that’s why Sol spazzed out like that…babygirl was going in for the kill… Something more serious was said or DONE.

    Still, nothing explains B’s robotic behavior…

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      B’s behavior and Jay’s for that matter was that of those that are accustomed to crazy behavior. Solange obviously does this all of the time only in this instance it was caught on camera .

      • Q.

        Maybe… That or the chick (B) is under heavy mind kontrol, and Sol reacted to something she doesn’t like about Jay’s treatment of her sis. The truth will be revealed in time. But they’ll have a good time spinning this for the next couple of weeks.

      • rocnation30

        what is up with this mind control shit….THIs nigga is not a mentalist…lmfao….he got her under a spell…lmfao ..

      • Q.

        LOL You right…there’s no such thing as mind control, your gov’t gives a fukc about you, there’s no such thing as black ops, and you’re not a troll. I made all that up. Carry on.

  4. BlackBarbie2000

    This article screams bullsh*t. why would they get into SCRAPS over SOLANGE who has her own fame’s friends using Jay’s name to get into a club ? even if it were true, Solange would use her sisters name before Jay’s.. this story is a complete LIE.

    • Phibes

      Maybe she didn’t want Solange’s “Friends” to use her name. You know the old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”.

      Some of my brothers friends I’m not vouching for at all.
      Not them knuckleheads! Lol

    • Sean Taylor

      Of course it’s a LIE, it’s Jays PR team in motion. He isn’t going to f up his brand over Solange…so make her look crazy always seems to work.

      • golder1

        Her actions made her look crazy. but of course it must be the mans fault!

    • golder1

      And you know this how. Beyonce could have told her not to use her names also. To call a story a complete lie like you know these people is foolish.

      • 5% Hov

        nigga dont get cute. you shouldn’t be missing ANY words.

      • Keith N.

        No words were MISSED..one extra word was ADDED.

        Also, I’ll show you tons of articles from The New York Times, L.A. Times, CNN, etc where there are typos that don’t take away from the story.

        So..don’t get cute.

        But thanks for reading.

      • 5% Hov

        i feel ya. sorry the delay. just been going thorugh some shit…..

        btw, you are still wrong.

  5. 5% Hov

    Imagine being one of these so called “journalists” not AHH but New York Post and these other leaches. Culture Vultures.

    SCUM all of them.

  6. 5% Hov

    the only person that could leak that information is one of the three in the elevator.
    Highly unlikely they called TMZ …. bullshit.

    • BlackBombshell

      …or someone could have reviewed the tape very closely with a lip reader to decipher the conversation. Surely, there’s technology out now that could somewhat clear up that grainy video enough to be able to do this.

      • 5% Hov

        i feel ya. sorry the delay. just been going thorugh some shit…..

        btw,hope you got to the bottom of that.

  7. ebony diamond

    sighs…… something ain’t right with this story whatever happen solange would not be upset for no reason sooner or later the real truth going to come out

    • golder1

      People get made over stupid shit all the time and think that gives them the right to get physical. No matter what was said he never got physical so she should have either. If he would have responded to here physical attack by doing the same women be cry how can he put his hands on a woman. well how can she put her hands on a man? Some mne believe if you act like a man you get treated like man. The next man she does that to might smack the ish out of her and would be totally justified.

  8. Qudus

    A very important aspect of that 3 minute clip is being ignored by most. JAY PUT HANDS ON SOLANGE FIRST. She kicked his hand away and proceeded to attack him. IMO, that was a terrible mistake by Jay, a mistake that escalated a verbal insult into a physical confrontation.

      • Realist4200

        lol. He’s probably the type to say “I hit his hand with my face” after taking a punch. Maybe that’s what knocked those perception skills out of line to begin with…

    • Breeze

      Sad part is. . . YOU ARE SLIGHTLY RIGHT! I think he just knew she was bout to swing tho. He didn’t put his hands up in a fight motion more of a defensive motion like. Dude was right in front of her and could here her clearly. . . Meaning he knew her anger was escalating and about to turn violent and sure nuff, it did. I don’t care about why it happened anymore though. . . Neither of the 4 people in that elevator themselves have explained it and I wish these attention seekers would stop speculating wtf happened.

    • golder1

      Putting your hands up to block an assault is not putting your hands on someone first. That was a mistake. the mistake was Solange thinking that is acceptable behavior. Jays actions on that elevator didnt escalated the situation, alcohal probably did.

      • crystal

        Jays Behavior was commendable but beyoncé isnt anyones sister on this shit…. people get offended for their family

  9. dehova

    So stabbing Un and being a drug dealer wasn’t enough. They try to bring him down with this. On a random note, Celz, where you at?! Come defend your boy!

    • golder1

      Un even said Jay didnt stab him. 2nd who cares about him being a FORMER drug dealer. One of our former pres use to sniff coke. Everyone has a past.


    Jay did the right thing by not knocking that bitch out!!! There would’ve been repercussion behind him putting his hands on her in defense!!! People are jealous of his success, and this incident would’ve gave them ammo to make his empire come crashing down.

    • crystal

      I see some Men don’t have no Mothers or Sisters, Aunties, here’s one for ya, B should have a Older Brother instead of a sister


    And it’s funny how all of t he ignorant bitches automatically assume that Jay was the one who started the schitt!!! These chicks today it’s think they could put their hands on a man without any repercussions!!!

      • golder1

        Your just as ignorant if you claim it to be false not knowing shit. Were you at the event. Who is to say this account is not correct.

  12. MidWestFlyest

    Jay handled it as best he could, no way he is in the wrong tho. She instigated everything and he can be seen on the defense the whole time. Solange is foolish for thinking she could use Jay’s name to get her weirdo hipster homegirls in the Met Gala. I know exactly what Jay was thinking: “No way he Im having some drunk breezys in here acting a fool(Solange) and licking shots with my cosign. “Pardon me I had to laugh at that.”

  13. Phibes

    “Solange’s uninvited friends were attempting to use Jay Z’s name to enter the private Met Gala after party. Reportedly, Jay Z directly informed Solange to “not use my name.”

    Why is it so hard for people to believe this? You’ve never heard of people losing it when they can’t get their way? You say something they don’t like & it sets them off.

    Some say,”She could have used her sisters name”. Maybe Beyonce didn’t want her “Name” associated with Solange’s friends. After all, it’s Solange’s friends,not Jay or Beyonce’s. Why should I vouch for your crew? #GTFOH

    People are always looking for a reason to justify ratchet behavior. Bottom line, she was dead wrong for attacking Jay.

    “She learned Jay Z would be leaving to attend a Rihanna-hosted afterparty without Beyonce”.

    If Beyonce didn’t have an issue with it, why in the hell did she!?!

    • Sean Taylor

      Hey I have some ocean front property in Arizona for the cheap.

      6 beds / 7 baths
      granite kitchen

      the whole 9 yards….hit me up if you’re interested YA GULLIBLE BASTAD!!!!

      • Phibes

        What a little boy! You throw around insults because you have nothing valid to say.

      • justmathoughts

        lol youre still crying because people are calling you names….. maybe its not everyone else, maybe its you hahaha

    • golder1

      People get joy out of tearing another down. so, of course they want it to be something personal like Jay cheating or hitting on Bey. If the tables were turnded and it was Jay hitting the shit out of her, the reason wouldnt matter he would be in the wrong regardless. She is wrong no matter what happened.

  14. housewlk

    Jay Z you need friends and fast.l think you are tired of baby sitting Beyonce,Jay Z you need your friends and not stock in the house with this two controlling flicks.

    • rocnation30

      naw he aint laughing …he probably tryna figure out why his baby momma and 2 year old son is homeless….smh

  15. 7yoyo7


    • End of Days

      This comment might have been a continuation of the previous argument in the article… I’m just it had to be a lil back n forth and drinking before she got that irate.

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