Tyler, The Creator Terrorizes Buzzfeed Staff At Their Office

(AllHipHop News) Tyler the Creator’s idea of humor has long been documented as a bit different than the norm.  Earlier today (May 12th), a number of employees of Buzzfeed have informed the world that Tyler the Creator entered their offices and became belligerent.

According to Buzzfeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones and Buzzfeed Senior Editor Matt Bellassai, Tyler the Creator entered the Buzzfeed offices in New York City and began becoming verbally and physically intimidating to the staff:

While these tweets seem cryptic, Buzzfeed writer Spencer Althouse intimates that Tyler’s actions may have been his usual jocular terrorism:

However not everyone at Buzzfeed sees the humor. According to Deputy editor-in-chief at Buzzfeed Shani O. Hilton and writer Ashley Ford, Tyler not only embarrassed himself but an entire race of people:

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