Daylyt Says Other Battle Rap Leagues Can't Compete Against Eminem's "Total Slaughter" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Professional battle rap continues to grow with several leagues sponsoring events. Earlier this year it was announced that Eminem and Slaughterhouse are jumping into the battle rap scene with a new tournament style event called “Total Slaughter.”

Besides a 8-man bracket, Total Slaughter will also feature a rematch between two of the biggest names in the battle game Murda Mook and Loaded Lux. On top of that, Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden will step in the ring against Hollow Da Don.

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One of the TS participants competing for the championship is Daylyt. According to the California native, other battle rap leagues like URL and KOTD will not be able to compete by themselves against what Em has put together.

“All you n***as need to get together and form Captain Planet, because you are fighting a monster that is way bigger than what you possibly think you can do to beat them. You need to form The Avengers to beat this s**t,” says Daylyt. “Eminem has released the f**king Kraken. You are not going to beat this type of monster fighting dolo.”

Daylyt also recommends all the battle league owners get together and have a committee meeting to come up with “a solution to save y’all ass” because as he puts it, “you all are dead.” He suggests that Em has the money to buy out all the best competitors.

“What if Eminem goes, ‘Lux, here’s $600,000. Don’t battle ever again nowhere else… Here’s a $100,000 Chilla [Jones]. We’re going to lock you in for five years.’ These n***as gonna take it,” adds Day. “Everybody cut the egos, cut the beef. Join together for the sake of Hip Hop and for the sake of underground Hip Hop. Join together or else it’s over.”

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Watch Daylyt’s video below.


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