Eminem, Lil B, & Three 6 Mafia Drop The Most Drug References In Rap

(AllHipHop News) In case you ever wondered which rappers like to talk about drugs the most in their music, the drugs advisory and education organization Project Know has conducted an analysis that determines just that.

By using the artist’s lyrics posted on Rap Genius, Project Know determined Eminem leads the pack for prescription drugs references. Lil B takes the top spot for codeine, cocaine, and MDMA, and Three Six Mafia had the most marijuana mentions.

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Project Know also calculated the overall prevalence of drugs in Hip Hop songs since 1988. The number of mentions of “Molly” skyrocketed between 2010-2013. Weed is still by far the most mentioned substance in Hip Hop. Starting in 1992 (the same year Dr. Dre released his classic album The Chronic), marijuana references shot up with a slight dip in the 2000’s decade to jump right back up in 2010.

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Check out Project Know’s chart for the most mentions by rap artists in five drug categories below.



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