Epic Win Of The Day: Black Klansman Infiltrates The KKK!

I don’t know how this cam across our desks here at AllHipHop, but we had to share this one. It really sends a shock to the soul when you really think about it. It makes you think about a Chappelle show skit.

But, no…this is real life. Check this out:

Patrolman Ron Stallworth (1975) at the age of 22  the First Black and, at that
time, the youngest detective in the history of the Colorado Springs PoliceDepartment.

Here is what he did back in the day:

I was able to “sting” (con) the local Organizer of the Colorado Springs chapter of the KKK, the Grand Dragon (equivalent to a state leader) for the Colorado Klan, and David Duke who, atthe time (1978-79), was arguably the premier national leader of the various KKK factions in the country.

He was based in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, and held the title of Grand Wizard.  They all believed I was to quote David Duke “…an intelligent white man….” and, as a result, I was able to gain their trust and subsequently obtain membership into their faction of the Klan.  So successful was the “sting” that the Grand Dragon sought my advice on a couple of decisions concerning him and the Colorado Springs chapter and the Local Organizer,  a Specialist 5 in the Army who was in the process of being discharged, avidly put my name up to the chapter membership
for a vote to replace him. 

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