Dr. Dre's Son Speaks On Dad's Beats/Apple Deal (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Beats Electronics’ blockbuster deal with Apple is about to land a windfall for co-founder Dr. Dre. The $3.2 billion dollar sale is going to greatly increase the legendary producer’s net worth, but it appears that fortune may not be trickling down to his offspring just yet.

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TMZ caught up with Dre’s son Curtis Young as he was preparing to board a flight to Mexico. The photog asked the younger Young why was he flying commercial and not privately since his dad is on track to becoming a billionaire.

“Pops where the private jet at?” Curtis jokingly asked. “That would be nice right now. I’m about to fly coach.”

Young does makes it clear he is proud of his father’s accomplishments, and the money Dre makes is his own.

“That’s his money,” added Curtis. “He took it to another level in Hip Hop. I’m proud of him.”

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Watch Curtis Young talk about Dr. Dre’s deal in the video below.

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