EXCLUSIVE: Gang Related Premier In NYC With Wu-Tang’s RZA

Last night, Fox debuted their new action-drama, Gang Related at the 40/40 Club in NYC featuring legendary Wu-Tang front man RZA.  Right off the heels of his Brick Mansions film release, RZA’s role in Gang Related will be a stark contrast from the gritty, kingpin drug lord he previously portrayed. RZA plays Cassius Green,  a no-nonsense drug enforcement agent on the LAPD specialized task force, who along with Lost star Terry O’Quinn, works to eradicate the gang dominance over the district. RZA becomes partnered with The Wire’s Ramon Rodriguez, who in a surprising  twist of plot, is actually an undercover gang member working to infiltrate the police department by posing as a cop. Lines become crossed when Ramon’s allegiance is tested, causing him to reconsider where his loyalty really lies.

Watch as AllHipHop talks with RZA about his new role in the series and gives us a taste of what we can expect. Gang Related premiers on Fox Thursday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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