Chris Tucker Explains Jay Z and Solange's Elevator Fight (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) There are certain inevitabilities of life that must be accepted, and Solange’s fight with Jay Z in the Standard Hotel elevator being the subject of comical ridicule is one of those inevitabilities. Earlier this week, Chris Tucker spoke on the incident in a recent stand-up gig.

According to Tucker, that the only difference between Jay Z and Solange’s fight and that of the average “Black family” is that “they got caught on tape.” However, that does not stop the Rush Hour actor for jokingly criticizing Beyoncé for her reaction to her sister’s assault of her husband:

Beyoncé did’t do nothing. Everybody got a crazy person in the family. ‘Let her calm down. Let her calm down. She’ll calm down in a minute. I hope she ain’t got that gun on her, god damn. We all gonna get shot up in this elevator.

Check out Chris Tucker speak on Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight below:


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