Schoolboy Q Explains Why He Quit Weed In Europe, Concepts For New Album + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Schoolboy Q is so synonymous with marijuana consumption that he named a song “Bet I Got Some Weed”. In a recent interview, Q explains why he temporarily quit weed while touring in Europe, what fans can expect from the Oxymoron follow-up and more.

Though Q has mentioned numerous times over the past year and a half that he has a desire to quit smoking marijuana, it was only during the European leg of his Oxymoron tour did he follow through fully. According to Q, him quitting marijuana in Europe was easier because of the quality of weed in Europe:

It’s something I’ve wanted to do. It’s not like I quit heroine, Just weed. I quit over there just to see if I was a slave of it. I was able to quit. ‘Cause the weed was so bad, it was like might as well not smoke it. I felt like I did right.

In regards to his next projects, Q asserts “I got two of my next albums titled and concepts of how I wanna attack and how I wanna put certain things to the light.” After that admission, Q gives fans a few details of upcoming song topics and concepts:

I haven’t even talked about my mom yet. I left that out my album for other albums. I never talked about my father. Just saving certain things for different albums and concepts.

Check out the full interview below:


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