August Alsina's XXL 2014 Freshman Freestyle

Singer August Alsina has taken R&B to new heights and has broken boundaries as he became the first R&B singer to make XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class Cover. August Alsina had what it takes to change the game or the rules rather and made XXL listen up. Alsina says that he hopes that him making the cover will put a stop to people marginalizing and putting people in a box “because you can’t do that.” Alsina was able to share his testimonies in the spread as well as record an original freestyle that he sung. Alsina stated that for him, hip-hop is the individual, the story,the background, the culture, where one comes from, and what’s in his heart. He stated that although he doesn’t rap he still has a story and talent, “and talent prevails over all.”

“I had to go chop it up with the staff at XXL,” said the determined singer. “I remember that meeting and I clicked out on them because I feel like, ‘Let me get the same opportunity as the next man.’ I spoke my piece and they felt my heart.”

Check out his freestyle below.

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