911 Call Reveals Maya Angelou Did Not Want CPR If She Died (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Maya Angelou was always a woman who did things on her own terms. In a recently leaked 911 call from one of Angelou’s caregivers reveals that the late poet legend ordered her staff to not resuscitate her in the event that she passed.

Maya Angelou was found unconscious in her Winston-Salem, N.C. home by one of her caregivers yesterday (May 28th). When the 911 operator attempted to walk the caregiver through the steps to perform CPR on the unconscious Angelou, the caregiver explained how that would be in direct conflict with the late poet’s wishes.

Check out the full TMZ-acquired 911 call from one of Maya Angelou’s caregiver’s after she was found dead, below:

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