Peter Rosenberg Calls Chuck D A Twitter Troll; Chuck Responds

(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop legend Chuck D has been using his Twitter page recently to takedown New York radio station Hot 97. It started when the Public Enemy frontman began commenting on Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert calling out the channel for creating a “sloppy fiasco” of Hip Hop culture.

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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has now responded to Chuck D during his segment called “The Realness.” The Morning Show host started out by stating how much he respects Chuck for his contributions to Hip Hop, but then Rosenberg accused him of “trolling” and makes a point that Chuck D is not the leader of the culture.

“Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop,” said Rosenberg. “We love you. You’re a forefather of this game, you contributed, but we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop.”

Rosenberg ends the segment by asking Chuck D what he is doing to aid Hip Hop.

“What are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters of less?” asked Rosenberg. “What are you doing? Cause if all you’re doing is trolling on Twitter, you ain’t doing that much.”

Chuck D went back to Twitter to reply to Rosenberg calling him a social media troll.

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Watch “The Realness” below.


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