Rapper Gravy Arrested For Domestic Violence, 911 Call Released

(AllHipHop News) Jamal Woolard, who acted as Biggie Smalls in the 2009 film Notorious was arrested at his home in Gwinnett County, Georgia this past Saturday (June 7th) over domestic violence charges.

Woolard, also known as the rapper Gravy, allegedly accosted his girlfriend in front of her son.
The rapper, who has no released music since 2009’s Notorious Gravy mixtape was arrested after his girlfriend’s son called 911. The child told 911 informed the 911 operator that he overheard his mom “making choking sounds” and  told Gravy “F*** you n****, I’m tired of you disrespecting my mom.”

According to TMZ, Woolard was charged with battery, child cruelty, assault and was ordered to stay away from his wife and stepson.

Check out the 911 call made by his stepson below:

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