New Music: "Lasek" – Highway

The title of the song is Lasek, which was inspired by the fact that Highway has been able to stay the authentic version of himself even though he’s been around some possibly life damaging influences. The video seems to be more like a short film, not a music video.

Usually when you see the streets of LA it’s either to highlight the violence or to discuss how beautiful it is. When coming up with the treatment for “Lasek” he wanted to show specific places that had an impact on him as a kid. Being that he became “HighWay” in the South, and wanted to show his fans his hometown. In the video you see his childhood homes, schools, etc. He didn’t want to perform the song in the video because he instead wanted the visuals to tell the story and the music to be the background for them.

The most interesting thing about his latest project “ONE” is that it was recorded in less than four hours of studio time. While writing and choosing beats, Highway wanted to make clear that he can make any type of song and it will still embody his style and cadence. The two freestyles were done simply out of his love for the original songs, “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino, and “Stoner” by Young Thug. Check out the song below.