Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. And J. Lo??

We know Tip is going through some things in his marriage, but he may be trying to send his wife a strong message if these rumors are true. Tip recently defended his family’s honor against the horror of Azealia Banks. That’s old news (last week). This week, there are renewed rumors that Tip is dating the Puerto Rican super MILF, Jennifer Lopez. Here is what Star Magazine is reporting:

“…the 44-year-old has been telling friends that her new romance [with T.I] has been a ‘godsend.”

“T.I. thinks she’s the complete package,” gushes the source. “No one would be surprised if they became official sooner rather than later.”
“They have a genuine connection,” dishes a pal.”

I don’t know about this one. I mean, Tiny and T.I. seem to be made for each other. I know J. Lo is super fine, but I think Tip will realize it is absolutely “cheaper to keep her.” Sounds like just some talk to me.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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71 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. And J. Lo??”

  1. tdot

    hey like they say once you go black….yeah you know the rest she was always going to comeback HOME c’mon now

  2. cromthelaughinggod7

    hahah She is dating a russian dancer. haha Illseed will take a random pic and turn it into a lie.

  3. soyhiphop

    Random shit to say..ey bwoy me gone tell you whos the best rapper in the house DYLON DYLON DYLON DYLON DYLON! Blame this kush and white henny…

  4. soyhiphop

    She got some extra miles on that pussay been riding magic sticks since the 80s bet you she reconstructed her pussay tight she got that goya sazon adobo empanada arroz pernil hay mami que rica tu estas pussay! Ay dios mio dame esa chocha j lo mami

    • EDOGZ818


      You wilin’ today!

      Still, I’m pretty sure she still got that snappy nappy dugout…..then again, you know Marc Anthony punished that ‘chet, if no one else, you know he did!

      • GP

        naw he ate that shit. marc Anthony with two first name he wasn’t hittin shit. after diddy hit that he just married her for looks. jlo prolly got that strikeout dugout chet.

      • EDOGZ818

        You crazy!

        Marc Anthony was knocking the stuffing out of that on a daily!


      • GP

        he was knocking the stuffing out that egg mcmuffin, I don’t blame him, I would have been beating the candy out that pinyata

      • EDOGZ818

        Ya[‘ Heard!

        After you bust that Pinyata…I’d jump on that candy like a Hobo on a hot dog!

  5. The_Good_Life

    J lo came up in the BX during the 80’s when shit was really popping off. Once you get past the fame, she a hood chick. Rumor or not i think dude can smash.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      she must be ’bout 4 – 5 then – if T.I. is that much taller than her, he ’bout 5 – 5 himself

  6. atlantahiphopshop

    A day late and an ass short. J-LO is old and awkward looking now. Since 2000 A.D. (after diddy) Everything T.I. does is old school. SMH Crumb Snatcher.

    • baller187

      J-lo is old i feel like she tryin so hard to to be 20 year old jenny on the block, ofcoarse i would dip my wick. who wouldnt

  7. TheAfroRican

    This might be an old picture taken in the studio. I think T.I. is on J-Lo’s new album. People are taking this and running with it to make a rumor.

  8. The Legendary Troll

    LMAO And you wonder why Tiny flipping out the way she is. Just goin and get the divorce and call it a day bro

  9. TimeWillTellu1

    David Cruz, Wesley Snipes, Ojani Noa, Tommy Mottola, Sean Combs, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, Casper Smart……..T….I……

  10. Obi Won

    I didn’t think people still got excited about celebrity smash moments. So TI smashed JLo, nothing crazy about that. Tiny might’ve bopped Mayweather. If I was a celeb, I’d be smashing too.

    • baller187

      anything beats tiny how can that nigga get his shit up on that bitch, then she be causing problems to boot

      • GP

        I don’t know either. I mean she could be the mascot for piggly wiggly!

      • Obi Won

        Lol, man ease up on Tiny. She might look a lil funny, but you never got Slurped by a ugh joint and thought “whoa wait, I might have to keep this bish around” It happens to the best TIP just married his lol

      • GP

        u right thou I done got the chewin from a few off brand fraps, lol cant lie but you right t.i, just married but if she a down as chick then that explain why he married her. but she gives him 3somes so that wipes out everything.

  11. GMF357

    The hashtags clearly state that they were in the studio and its about music….AHH reports news like…hell idk. they just suck at it

      • GMF357

        nah not at all homie. just a week agot TI was saying that he and wife are good…Id listen to what TI saying himself over what other ppl are saying.

  12. baller187

    anything but going back to ugly ass tiny, big up to TI you should be with a bitch like that not taking a nightly loss

  13. GP

    everybody callin j-lo a whore and this and that. when they know if she gave them some ass they’ll take it. everybody a whore. we all done had our whore movements. shid at least she with a somebody and not no dl nigga like diddy. not coming to jlo rescue but damn she likes black dick cause them latin boys wasn’t doing shit.


    I hope “TIP” is banging that chick, so all of the Puerto Ricans can get mad about their little princess going back to the “DARK SIDE”!!! LMBAO I know “MAMA Lopez” won’t be happy!!! She didn’t like it when “J-Lo” was with “DIDDY”.

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