50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather To Leave T.I.'s Wife Tiny Alone (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Everything seemed all good between T.I. and Tiny as the reality show couple sat next to each other at the BET Awards this weekend. But 50 Cent is back once again to throw some more drama into the situation.

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50 jumped on Instagram to point out that boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was recently seen trying to speak to Tiny again. Reportedly, a fight between Mayweather and T.I. broke out in May because the champ was perceived to be getting too close to Tip’s wife.

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The G-Unit boss warned Mayweather to leave Tiny alone. First in the caption to a picture of Tiny and Floyd, and then in an IG video.



In the clip 50 says:

Champ what the f**k are you doing? You better make this s**t make sense. You must think this n***a a b***h. You don’t play with a man’s wife like that man. You gonna get shot over this s**t. Even a b***h ass n***a will shoot you for some s**t like that.

50’s commentary comes just hours after Mayweather was named to Forbes magazine’s list of 100 most powerful celebrities. The superstar athlete came in at number 7 overall partially due to his reported $105 million earnings.

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Watch 50’s IG post below.


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