Nicki Minaj Denies Dissing Iggy Azaela At The BET Awards

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj gave the disclaimer of “no shade” during her acceptance speech for the BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist after implying other female rappers did not write their own lyrics.

On her personal Twitter account, Nicki Minaj stated the perceived feud between Iggy Azaela and herself is merely a product of the media’s sensationalism. According to Nicki, she has congratulated Azaela on her success in the past and her speech was simply to empower women to write their own lyrics:

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Back in May, Nicki appeared on The Breakfast Club and addressed Forbes’ article dubbing Azaela as the queen of Hip Hop. According to Nicki, Forbes proclamations in Hip Hop are not only uninvited but also baseless:

We rely on Hip Hop journalism and blogs for THAT kind of information. So we appreciate that, but no thank you.

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