Hip Hop Rumors: Stripper Threatens To Air Out Waka Flocka!

Waka Flocka recently wed his girlfriend Tammy Rivera, and while they’re still currently in the honeymoon stage, a stripper has come forth with some serious allegations.

MediaTakeout reported that a Miami stripper posted pics of the rapper sprawled out a** naked and she’s also threatening to leak video of she and Waka engaging in…activity.





Waka didn’t take kindly to the threats and went HAM in a post via Instagram as well.




Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.25.47 AM

And of course he was met with rebuttal.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.25.59 AM


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.26.09 AM

We wonder when she’s going to actually leak the tape, “sense” she’s so mad…

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37 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Stripper Threatens To Air Out Waka Flocka!”

  1. Deuce

    Bitches is triflin…bitches always doing this shit and for what? To expose somebody cause they know it’s wrong and the women got a conscience? Bitch if u got a real conscience than yo ass wouldn’t go through wit it period. Don’t go through wit it than record it and show the world like u a better person for it.

  2. Markus

    New rule. Rappers should insist that all phones get turned off before smashing. These sleep selfies must be stopped.

      • ZUBU

        Top it off with making the chick sign a privacy agreement. Even lil’ knucklehead Justin Bieber was having chicks sign agreements before they came to the crib, but I guess he can afford better management.

    • ZUBU

      I agree these thots posting pics needs to stop. Brothas need to be smart enough to bring your own condom, smoke, drink, etc. If there is any filming being done ensure you are doing the filming. Finally going to sleep on some random chick, heck he lucky he didn’t wake up handcuffed to the bed while she let the goons in on you.

    • Poseidon

      Who falls asleep with a stripper/one-time/jump-off in the first place?? Get yours and get out. ESPECIALLY if you’re a celebrity….

      These rappers need to start being about that life that they’re preaching and stop cuddling up with these pros after the deeds done. They really need to start bringing portable metal detectors and screening personnel with them if that’s gonna be the case. Dude’s are slipping putting their trust in a stripper’s kind words….. Smh.

      • ILL Will

        Exactly, i swear every dude knows the type of chick u hit and dip on. I always tell broads I ain’t taking no pictures, receiving no pictures, and I’m definitely gon have a problem if your phone is turned my way….that’s playa 101 when u got a main….wtf these cats thinkn, i don’t doze off ever. It’s funny because if we gotta stop at the store I make the chick go in to grab our sht so she won’t be outside fumbling thru my sht. Can’t trust these hose….

  3. foshow38

    I don’t even blame her for being thirsty for the attention, Waka (any rapper) should realize this chicks are trying to come up. Same way this nigga trying to come up on some a$$. Price you pay messing with hoes!

  4. KareemSayeed

    He 99% for sure hit it.. But maybe it wasnt recent? Pretty sure all rappers/athletes/politicians partake in the same foolishness

  5. Tiffany James

    Sense??? Y’all are supposed to be professional?and what’s crazy is that none of y’all pointed that out! Hahaha

  6. GP

    the real news is this nigga said she one burger away from being fat, but this nigga ate the ass made a video with this lady, but most important is not he had shitty boxers this nigga wanted to hit it raw! no I know how rappers be losing weight so far. waka watch it brah before ou catch that monkey and I don’t mean the one fiends be fightin.

  7. Judah Nazayar

    waka Flaka… U already spoke to the Israelites.. we watching you.
    stop messing wid these 6 cent whores.. who cant read or spell.. sh%ts effing ridiculous..

  8. anemia716

    hahahahahahah he can’t spell for shit. what poor grammar. man, ignorance.

    “sense im lying”
    “niggas like you discuss me…”


  9. ILL Will

    Homegirl sound bitter as sht…he prolly told her he married and won’t be trickn wit her no more…hose ain’t sht man, he shoulda known better leaving that long trail of evidence tho

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