Beyonce's Father Hit With Second Paternity Suit In Four Years

(AllHipHop News) While Beyonce was Destiny’s Child, her father may have been flirting with disaster. Yesterday (July 7th) reports surfaced involving former lingerie model TaQoya Branscomb alleging Matthew Knowles fathered a child with her back in 2010.

The current 30 year old real estate agent Branscomb claims Knowles fathered her daughter whom lives in Harris County, Texas. Branscomb is filing a paternity suit against Knowles in Texas. Branscomb is requesting a DNA test, child support and for financial compensation for lawyer fees.

This is the second paternity suit Knowles has incurred in the past four years. In 2010, Knowles admitted to fathering  Alexsandra Wright’s son and in 2013 was ordered to pay child support to her.

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