Shyne Clowns Slowbucks For Getting His Chain Snatched

(AllHipHop News) Shyne caught up with Nas in Paris recently, and the former Bad Boy artist shared photos with God Son on his Instagram page.

Besides uploading the pics, Shyne also used the posts to take a few shots at Slowbucks for getting his chain snatched at Summer Jam.

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Shyne wrote in the captions:

& how that bum ass n++ got his chain snatched at summer jam? He can’t be from queens bridge…. #QB# #lake@nasnyc the g*d #illmatic 20 years

Then they kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl esco, U was performing tho….. Esco, my g, U can’t let him come back to queens tho…. #illmatic#20 years all time greats




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