Chuck D Calls Out Iggy Azaela For Racist Photo That Is Proven To Be Fake

(AllHipHop News) Fake or real, Chuck D is against all forms of racism. Last night (July 9th), Chuck D responded to an altered photograph of Iggy Azaela calling Drake, B.O.B. and T.I. her “n*ggas”.

The photo of Azaela with the three rappers originally appeared on B.O.B.’s Facebook page in 2012 to promote Azaela’s  “M.D.M. (Million Dollar Misfits)” collaboration with T.I. and B.O.B. The photo reappeared recently with the caption “Me and my n*gga’s” and Chuck D found offense in the post, even after realizing it was fake:

Azaela has been alleged to be a racist since her 2012 song “D.R.U.G.S” which consisted of a lyric that likened the Australian-born rapper to a “runaway slave master”. In a recent interview with The Guardian, she addressed how dating Los Angeles Lakers’ star Nick Young made the racist allegations harder for her to endure:

Getting the word racist put on me sucked. And it’s hurtful forother people to have to hear it (she nods in the direction of the boyfriend, who is buttering a crumpet). And it is hurtful for other people’s families to have to hear it. I think people seriously need to rethink that word. We are very liberal in flinging it around and it is pretty fucking heavy

Check out the full Guardian piece here.

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