Bang Em Smurf Talks 50 Cent Dissing Sha Money XL + Talking With Young Buck Before G-Unit Reunion

(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Bang ‘Em Smurf discusses how 50 Cent’s recent social media disses towards Sha Money XL are “corny” and why he is ok with Young Buck siding with G-Unit after his fallout with 50 Cent.

On June 19th, 50 Cent posted a photograph on his personal Instagram account blocking out Sha Money’s face and calling him “Soft” and that he will “always lose against me” in the photo’s caption. According to Bang Em Smutf, 50 Cent is “corny” for dissing a man whom was integral in the formation of 50 Cent’s early success:

Sha Money’s a good brother [that] put his life on the line for [50] as well. Just by rolling with him. Cause Sha Money ain’t no gangsta or none of that. He been an executive in this game for a minute. About his money. So, he actually put his life on the line by rolling with 50. You know what I mean? Did a lot of groundwork for 50. A lot of studio sessions with 50 pressed all the CD’s with G-Unit, for 50. He did a lot, so that was actually corny on 50’s behalf

Back in 2012, Smurf stated that him and Buck were still friends due to the fact that neither one of them disrespected each other during 50 Cent’s feud with Smurf. Buck and 50 engaged in a war of words back in 2008 after 50 Cent released a taped phone coversation between him and Young Buck. On the G-Unit song “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout”, Buck enthusiastically proclaims “50 said we ain’t never going broke”, a claim Smurf can respect as a reason for Buck to reunite with G-Unit:

I spoke to [Young Buck] a few times. Buck a good one too. I always had love for Buck. But, you know, at the end of the day he had business with 50. So he going to ride with 50. I ain’t mad at that. I got love for Buck.

Check out the full interview below:


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