Bobby Shmurda Talks Being In Strip Club With His Mother, Getting Free Food For Shmoney Dance + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) If Reddit co-founder Aaron Schwartz is The Internet’s Own Boy, then Bobby Shmurda is Twitter’s Hot Ni**a. Today (July 15th), Shmurda appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and spoke on the success of “Shmoney Dance”, being in the strip club with his mother and more.

During a 4th of July performance, Meek Mill brought out Shmurda to perform “Hot N*gga” at gentleman club King Of Diamonds in Miami. According to Shmurda, an unexpected guest arrived to the show and helped him get lap dances:

My mom was in [King of Diamond] with me. I’m like ‘Mom, what you doing in K.O.D? What you doing here?’ ‘I came to she show’…She flew down there. Yeah, throwing money, watching me getting lap dances and all types of stuff. I’m like ‘Ma, get out of here’.

Free items is almost a rite of passage for famous (and Twitter famous) people. Shmurda is no different and claims that a chef at an undisclosed Manhattan restaurant offered him his food for simply being “that kid just caught a body about a week ago”:

I was hungry. We were waling around. We came into the store. They were closing. I was like ‘hey, y’all ain’t got no food.’ He was like ‘hey, ain’t you that kid just caught a body bout a week ago?’ I was like ‘Yeah’.

Check out Bobby Shmurda’s full interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club below:


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