Nikko Responds To People Criticizing Mimi For Doing Sex Tape Because She Has A Daughter (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Last night Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired the episode that covered Mimi Faust and Nikko London’s releasing their sex tape to the public. When it was first announced months ago that the footage would become available, many people criticized Mimi for taking that action because she is the mother of a young daughter.

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Mimi and Nikko are both now speaking out about that criticism in an interview with VladTV. In defense of his girlfriend, Nikko says:

Everybody’s getting on her about her daughter, but really those same people weren’t caring about her daughter before this even came out. So why all of sudden are you really worried about her daughter. Her daughter’s not even in the situation yet. She’s not even in the topic of conversation, but ten years from now let’s have this interview again, because that’s when it really matters… I don’t think her daughter is even a factor right now.

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Watch Mimi and Nikko’s interview below.

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