Los Angeles Clippers' Head Coach Says It's Hard To Recruit Players Because of Donald Sterling

(AllHipHop News) Uncertainty in basketball is purgatory on Earth for some coaches. In a recent interview, Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers explains how Donald Sterling’s current ownership battle has hurt Clippers’ recruitment.

NBA free agency began on July 1st and Clippers have been able to sign a few players including free agents Jordan Farmar, Spencer Hayes and their draft pick CJ Wilcox. Two months before the start of free agency, NBA Commissioner banned Donald Sterling from participating in any basketball operations for the Clippers. With Sterling currently fighting the forced sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Rivers informed reporters on Monday (July 14th) that  the uncertainty of whom the Clippers’ owner is has hurt the team in recruiting players:

It has hurt us some this summer. You go in to talk to a free agent and most guys, teams will bring their owner. I go in, looking like this, by myself. I don’t know what effect that has had but that’s not been great for us

While meetings with Ballmer are not allowed, Rivers admits that two have had accidental “bump-ins” with his soon-to-be new boss. Los Angeles Clippers’ Head Coach Says It’s Hard To Recruit Players Because of Donald Sterling

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