Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Nick Cannon Already Moved On From Mariah Carey?

I don’t know if this is true, but I think it is. I will tell you why. There is a rumor on the street that Nick Cannon and Mariah are finished – DONE. Recently, Nick did an interview and he was asked that status of his situation with his wife. He responded “No Comment.” This is strange, because he always comments. He even had Mariah in his stand up comedy show recently. He’s super busy. I don’t know for sure, but her last album pretty much flopped. Nevertheless, these rumors have been persistent. I heard a real life rumor that Nick has already moved all the way on from Mariah. Certain people I know have informed me that they have seen Nick fully vested in another woman. I never posted this because I’m definitely the Rumor Dude with some scruples! With all the reports that are going around, I wish these guys well.


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