Cop Shooting Of Michael Brown Being Investigated By FBI Over Civil Rights Violations

(AllHipHop News) The Federal Bureau Investigation have opened an investigation into possible civil rights violations in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown by a St. Louis County police officer in Ferguson, MO.

Unarmed Michael Brown was shot multiple times by an unidentified officer last Saturday (August 9th). The FBI annouced they began the investigation yesterday (August 11th) and according to the spokeswoman of their St. Louis field office, Cheryl Mimura announced that “regardless of the media attention or the public’s attention to this matter, this is something that [the FBI] would routinely do.”

Conflicting reports arose in regards to the details of the incident. Police officials stated that a physical confrontation between Brown and an officer inside a police car and the street. According to Dorian Johnson, friend of Brown whom stated he was with Brown during the incident told WALB-TV that the police officer shot Brown after he and Brown ran away from a warning gun shot from the officer. According to Johnson, he and Brown were informed by the police officers to get off the road while walking back from a convenience store and the warning shot came after the two of them refused to comply.

Sunday night (August 12th) 32 people were arrested in connection to the looting of 12 stores.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar announced at a news conference that the FBI’s investigation “will run parallel” to their

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