Battle Rapper Daylyt Says He Would "F*ck The Sh*t Outta" Diddy

(AllHipHop News) Battle rapper Daylyt is known for pulling antics for attention, but his latest statements are shocking on a completely different level. Speaking with VladTV, Day said he is open to having sex with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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The discussion was sparked when Daylyt was asked about celebrities having sex in public with others watching. Day’s response was either him admitting his homosexual desires or his biggest troll job ever.

“Would I f**k Diddy? Yeah, I’d f**ked Diddy. I’m not gonna front. I’d f**k the s**t outta Diddy. I’m just keeping it a buck,” said Daylyt. “Why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off with a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him f**ked up. I’d f**k.”

The Los Angeles emcee also announced his plans to start a website and Kickstarter campaign supporting his “I Wanna F*ck P. Diddy” movement. He then complimented the Bad Boy mogul’s figure and called his dancing sexy.

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