Hip Hop Rumors: Stripper Breaks Up A Certain Couple Happy Home?

According to SandraRose, a stripper is responsible for breaking up a certain hip-hop happy couple’s home recently. Read the tea below and see if you can figure out exactly who’s who:

“”A certain rapper who was recently dumped by a certain R&B singer was reportedly discarded by the singer after she caught him creeping with a popular local exotic dancer.”

According to the well-connected insider, the rapper has been “banging out” the popular exotic dancer at the Blue Flame strip club “for well over a year now.””

Hmmmm….wonder who it could be…

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25 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Stripper Breaks Up A Certain Couple Happy Home?”

  1. El Dogga

    Since when does relationship and hip-hop go together???? Unless its a producer/dj & rapper relationship (as in making music) GTFOH!

  2. Reazonero

    “Read the tea below”…smh. Someone please tell me that kubeezz is a female. If not, then u my friend are……. nevermind, I’ll wait til I find out.

  3. Judah Nazayar

    hahaha.. who is having relationships with bottom feeders?? wow…these entertainers are straight dorks… life fail ass niggas

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      sadily thier relationship is public … so she cant say she didnt know … ijs … where are some of these chicks integrity … where is the girl power … its sad that you got woman like that in this world … they are suppose to be the mature ones …

      • maya

        She’s triflin’. But she’s not responsible for his relationship. HE is supposed to be the mature one. A big part of being a man is taking responsibility for your own actions.

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