EXCLUSIVE: Twista Talks MC's 'Responsibility' & Turmoil Plaguing Chicago

With over twenty years invested into Hip-Hop, Twista, has forged a respected niche within the culture. With passion, pride, and pain–lyricism delivered from a sincere stance–he has transformed ordinary words into poignant prose. To create immortal art music and memory collide; this a signature of artistic journey.

On a quest to manipulate metaphors while controlling the mic, the Chicago native, is still motivated by the challenge to manifest his truth through the art. Twista’s latest release, Dark Horse, a testament of his maturation not only as a man, but also as an MC. During album release party AllHipHop.com posed the following:

 For all the Amideau Diallous, Oscar Grants, Trayvon Martins, Eric Garners, Mike Browns, Armand Bennetts, and Renisha McBrides–who were condemned because of their melanin-enriched skin–how does your voice as an MC demonstrate the full spectrum of what it is to be a Black man in America?

Why is Chicago in such turmoil? 

Twista’s truth:


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