50 Cent: I F*cked Up Ja Rule & Fredro Starr Bad

(AllHipHop News) The Unit is back, but have no interest in rehashing old rivalries…until they’re asked. During an upcoming G-Unit Reunion special on SiriusXM taped last night(August 20th), 50 Cent addressed Ja Rule and Fredro Starr recent comments on their past feuds and claims to have “iced them”.

In Ja Rule’s recently published book Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Being a Man he recounts a time when he attacked 50 Cent with a bat in the early 2000s. During an interview with The Breakfast Club in June, Fredro Starr remarked that during his scuffle with 50 Cent at the 2003 Vibe Awards, 50 in fact missed his punch, contrary to prior reports. According to the G-Unit general, these recent recollections are evidence enough that he “iced them”:

[The Ja Rule incident] is so old it doesn’t make sense to talk about it. Even around that, you had Fredro [Starr] come back and say something. These guys man..I f*cked them up bad. [Laughs]  Whenever a person let that much time go by and they come back with some sh*t like that. I thought the book was about your life? I guess I’m your motherfu*king life.

Buck later stated “you smacked the sh*t out that boy”, seemingly referring to Fredro Starr incident at the 2003 Vibe Awards.


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57 Responses to “50 Cent: I F*cked Up Ja Rule & Fredro Starr Bad”

  1. WeakSauce

    He has a point there. Everyone done witness who murder who! This nikkas come back years later talking bout the same shit with a different pamphlet. Its been over son! Deal with it!

    • Carlos

      exactly, What is wrong with these dudes, they change the story ten years later like you aint on tape telling a different story ten years ago. smh

  2. baller187

    all 50 does is talk bout the past, he cant get nothin poppin NOW, he rich so doesnt matter but ross is right 50 IS IREELEVENT

    • J Burn

      huh??? he clearly said it was old news…smh no relevancy means you don’t see articles or information about someone, again clearly you do! sooo ‘baller 187’, it seems as though you didn’t pay attention….and you can’t spell hahaha

    • Jay A Z

      50 gets asked about the past, and answers them, thats how conversation works if you didnt know. Ross irrelevant anyway, this niggas a nobody without the big name features, no one listens to Ross for Ross, they listen to his beats

    • Brindle

      what are you reading, they’re the ones talking bout the past. See, this is why teachers didn’t take you serious, READING COMPREHENSION 101, they got classes all over the United States of America…

      • El Dogga

        Thanks for using my reading comprehension campaign young man! good job!

        These fools just be looking at words with no understanding that they form ONE point……

      • ZUBU

        Tell em bro, these dudes can’t read or they are just dumb…..lol The teacher part is funny as shit but serious as well… Like you say bro classes everywhere…….

    • Carlos

      it was an interview, during interviews, questions are asked, usually questions to set the artist up on some bullsheet, for example, every rapper from N.y. is being asked about Shmurda. its how it works. But its funny that ppl, just like you think they just sit there and talk sheet.

    • Killuminati

      Step 1- read the article and comprehend it, step 2- then post your comment ….. Sounds like your either a ja or fredro fan, or you just hating on 50 cent. Or maybe this is ja or fredro trolling news about 50?

    • HIPHOP

      50 cent is relevant in life outside of music its sad that you guys think he is not just in case you missed it this was a g-unit summer starting with animal ambition summer jam and the reunion nothing else happened this summer in music if I’m wrong and missed something stop saying G-unit and 50 aren’t relevant because everything else that’s going on says different im young like if their old school wtf am I. I cant even buy liquor yet

  3. Eli Pinilla

    50 a big dude with hands. Ain’t no shame in saying you took an L. The lien makes you look worse; flaw….plus, these dudes is more hurt by his success than anything else. 50 was a shit Eater in they eyes when they beefed with him. He was up and coming and they were platinum artists. Now, they have to lie, cuz not only did he beat they ass, but he’s more successful. Sucks to have somebody you beef with own you like that. As a man, that’s the worst….

  4. Keith Eades

    All 3 of them are CLOWNS!!! Buck cool out because you were crying on the radio! Don’t forget he played you too!!

  5. El Dogga

    Yeah…..if you ever notice…..people who Lost a fight are usually the ones always bringing that fight back up…..

    • Brindle

      lmao… I got a homie i fought in the 10th grade, got in a fight again 10 years later cause this fools in my back yard telling my son (who does MMA) how I jumped him while he had 2 burritos in his hands… that lying fool punched me 1st, back then, and I took it from there, plus what nikka walks around with 2 burritos in his hands? This time I hit him 1st, he’ll be telling my grand kids how I punched him with 4 burritos in his hands now…

  6. hustle

    did anyone actually ever believe ja lol, i see a recent interview with him saying 50 isn’t really a tough guy and wasn’t in the streets and murder inc won in the streets smh i never heard anyone cosign ja rule or heard anything about him in the streets but 50 on the other hand has a million different cosigns and street stories even from people who hate him.

    • ZUBU

      Yeah bro, 50 was really in them streets getting money and doing harm with the real brothas. Not saying it was the best thing to do but he really did it. Ja and Irv they ain’t have no street cred other than Preme being around them. 50 had big boy Benz off straight street money! Boo Boo wasn’t no joke now my brotha in movies, and many other investments….
      Biggie really got street money, Jay say he did not certain, Easy E created a multi million empire from street paper, J. Prince street money now empire. A few dudes really did it not Ja and Irv………

  7. Markus

    Too much going on in the world to debate he said ,she said. Truth is none of these dudes are going to admit they took a loss. So they should let it go and move on.

    • Psyclonus

      Ja admitted to taking the L. Now Fredro is just corny. He didn’t want to look like a bitch during the interview and just made some shit up.

  8. Super_Hero

    50 had got sent to the hospital. how did he beat Ja? 50 got stabbed. As for the people saying 50 is big, the fight was before the steroids when 50 was a chubby dude.

  9. Judah Nazayar

    brothers is getting shot in the head point blank by police..and these hoe ass niggas is still cooning. STOP THE PORCH MONKEY SHIT!! NOBODY CARES!( except these sucka ass niggas whose lifes suck and aint worth two dead flies smashed)

  10. IROC

    50 must be all Ja think about for real this shit over 10yrs old this dude is close to 40yrs old Nobody is thinking bout this lame garbage

  11. eddieknucks

    Fredro lame. Ja wrote a book. The shit with 50 was what killed his career. He supposed to write about it. He admitted that 50 L’ed him.

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