Kid Cudi Criticizes Lupe Fiasco Selling $500 Verses, Lupe Calls Him His "Competitor"

(AllHipHop News) The rap game is something like the crack game, and sometimes you need a serious discount to increase profits. Yesterday (August 21st), Kid Cudi criticized Lupe Fiasco for selling customized verses for $500 and Lupe made sure to respond.

Lupe Fiasco recently stated he can’t wait to get off of Atlantic Records and yesterday (August 21st) he offered to make customized verses for his fans for $500. Kid Cudi took to his personal Twitter account and stated he felt Lupe was swindling his fans:

Lupe went to his personal Twitter account and responded to Cudi’s criticism. According to Lupe, his verse sale is not a swindle but a way to give fans “total control over what you want to hear”:

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