Report: Mariah Carey Barred Nick Cannon From Talking About Divorce

(AllHipHop News) A long running joke about the Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey six year marriage was that Mariah wore the pants in the relationship. Even as the union between the two entertainment stars appears to be collapsing, it looks as if MC is still in charge.

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According to TMZ, Mariah and Nick have signed a confidentiality agreement as part of their pending divorce, but reportedly Cannon is the only one who is not allowed to speak about the split.

Apparently, Nick can talk about how the two are now living separately, but he cannot talk about the actual divorce or face “severe financial penalties.” Mariah is allegedly open to announce the divorce on her terms.

Recently, Nick did publicly confirm the couple has been estranged for a while. He told The Insider they are going through a “rough patch” and have been living in separate homes for months.

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