CNN Releases Alleged Audio Of Michael Brown Being Shot

(AllHipHop News) CNN is reporting to have an alleged audio recording of the moments Ferguson, Missouri resident Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson.

The news outlet says the FBI has questioned the man who claims to have recorded the incident.

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An independent autopsy by Brown’s family suggested the 18-year-old was shot at a minimum of 6 times, but there are close to 11 shots on the audio recording. Several rapid fire shots can be heard and then there is a pause before more gunshots ring out.

“I was very concerned about that pause … because it’s not just the number of gunshots, it’s how they’re fired,” said Lopa Blumenthal, the attorney of the man that presented the recording. “And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up.”

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Watch the CNN report below.

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