Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What 90’s Rapper Is Dissin’ Joe Budden?

I didn’t know either Joey, but now I do. The homey MC Brainz didn’t like something that Joe Budden said in a song. I honestly feel super lame, because I had no idea. Now that I do…lets get into it.

Uh…back in the day…Joe said:

These MC’s is lame, I try to be a MC with brains
These niggas is MC Brains

This song, “Family Reunion,” is really old. I don’t know what the hell, b. Why MC Brains just now decided to respond. But, here it it.

This is weird to me. Uhm…I can’t really condone this…Joe “dissed” Brains in 07-08 and now…in 2014, he replies.
Here is MC Brains hit song from back in the day. He wasn’t really known as a battle dude. More pop-like/New Jack Swing.


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101 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What 90’s Rapper Is Dissin’ Joe Budden?”


      Now that I’m up, Brains if he had any would’ve been better off just letting this bs go. Unless he’s trying to impress his kids, there’s absolutely no reason to make this into a deal…..Truth be told how many of us remembered this song until we saw the video up above, not to mention the kids born from 1996 until now who don’t know shit about MC Brains!

      • ILL Will

        It’s funny I remembered the dude name as soon as I read it but had forgotten the song…lmao that one song

      • Battle Fan

        LOL, Good one, need to change his name after this fail

      • JerZeBoy

        hmmmmm I dont know thats a tuff one. I think he just doesn’t set up and deliver the punchlines like Royce Crooked & Joel do. Joe is more monotone like a Lloyd banks type voice(no ups and downs). I like Joel on Slaughthouse stuff and mixtapes, but his albums be weak IMO and Royce & Crooked just on another level

  1. Black Avatars

    “Pop/NewJackSwing”……Nigga “New Jack Swing” was invented by Ted Riley. Mc Brain never had production that sounded like anything New Jack Swing. Bivins produced most of Brains work.

  2. Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Man, I remember my moms wouldnt let me sing that damn song. I didnt know what it was about and kept trying to sing it.Got slapped in the mouth and I was done. Never knew the name of the dude who sung it. Lol

  3. Dmac Uno

    After I played they song I remembered it haha it was the jam for a little. He says why he waited so long to diss him in the song. The diss is alright but I don’t listen to Joe unless im watching U Got Served #Word

      • ILL Will

        Lmao seriously, I’m proud of the fact I’ve never watched it…lmao that nigga said you got served….wtf kinda cats be on here

      • BigHomie337

        Dude must be cool with the gay dude that be posting all that crazy shit. Smh. I’m sure he know that comment was real suspect.

      • Thought Dog

        The worst was his “battle” with Lil B. Budden got roasted and never said anything about Lil B again.

      • ILL Will

        He got beat by lil B? U serious? I got lil b high up on my worst rappers list so I just gotta hear that sht…lmao that nigga is garbage as fk but I gotta hear it…

      • Thought Dog

        Yeah, it was amazing cause Lil B dropped nothing but offbeat trash and Joe Budden said something about him on Twitter. Then Lil B came outta nowhere with a nice flow and hilarious punchlines on a track. I think it’s called “t-shirt and buttons” or “t-shirt and buddens” on YouTube.

      • ILL Will

        Hell naw bruh i actually gotta give it to em….that’s actually the best I ever heard him spit…ever..lmao I’m still keeping him on my list but he did do his thing on there. I’m sitn over here puzzled as hell…

      • Super_Hero

        he got BEAT by Raekwon homie. He then went on the World Wide Web to snitch.

  4. Markus

    Buddens is a moron. Police on your trail and you got time to tweet about a diss song by a rapper from over 20 years ago? Mr. Mumbles needs an enema.

  5. ILL Will

    Dammmmmmmmmnnnnnn these niggaz done brought up mc brains? Lmao hell naw…didn’t listen to the tracks but it did make me laugh..I remember that ooochie sht…lmao

    • Brindle

      lmfao… I couldn’t think of the song til you said it, then starting reading the vid titles… I’m bout to bump that sh!t

    • Battle Fan

      And why are you still rapping over 40? be different if he was making a living at it or invested his 1992 money from his one hit record, cant be over 40 rapping and broke, thats wack as this diss record…LMFAO!!!!

  6. digitallife

    Dude wrote 4 bars every year to make his comeback…and still failed. MC Brainz is up there amongst the worst hip-hop names ever.

    • Battle Fan

      Most Cleveland rappers rap like other rappers from other cities mainly the south, also try to sound like Bone as well, they follow other styles



    a77 of you humans are so fu77 of HOT AIR

    Do ya dam research MC BRAINZ never stopped what he was doing

    He cam up batt7Ing , and in C7eve7and he is still doing his thing

    I do understand that people are going to say what they want to say

    But who are you to judge someone , and try to tell them when of how to respond to information they just received

    My BIG BRUH just heard about JOEY ta7king about him

    My point is this


    a 7ot of peop7e are going out of there way to MAKE HIM WHAT HE HAS A77WAYS BEEN

    #RE7EVANT >>>
    Regard7ess of what anyone says he ( BRAINZ ) did what he was suppose to do
    P.S. you do not have your stories straight / joey recent7y said something about BRAINZ

    • ILL Will

      I feel u on taking up for ya dude and all, I remember dude from back in the day and that ooochie coochie song…His diss wasn’t bad in my opinion I just thought it was so damn funny hearing his name again and that it was because of a beef wit Joe budden…I remembered the name as soon as I read it but had forgotten the song. He had some bad broads in that video by the way…lmao

    • Battle Fan

      I am only 22 years old and i been a Slaughter/Battle hip hop fan since i
      was 10 years old, I know everything about the art of battling simply
      from following it and going to the events live, i can tell you every MC
      there names and style of flow down to their history and where they are
      from, not too crazy about Joe but i like the Slaughter projects, he is
      far from a battle MC when it comes to REAL battle MC’s like Loaded Lux,
      Daylyt, Dizaster, Arsenal, Hollow Da Don, Tsu Surf, Ransom,Math Hoffa,
      40 Barrz, i can go on and on but Joe is very talented and did very well
      up against Hollow when everyone thought he do poorly, my point is this,
      you said that MC Brains have always been relevant through a lot of
      people going out their way to make him relevant,which kinda threw me
      off, how can others make a person relevant, they would have to make they
      self relevant for others to keep the talent and skills they created
      alive and relevant, and you also said to do our research, well i did
      just that my friend, but first let me speak about the “Joe Nuthin” diss,
      WACK! Joe Buddens can do a wack diss record and would still do better
      than what Brains did, for a person that have been in the game a long
      time(and never stopped recording/shows) you think he come a lot harder
      than that, i mean dam i almost turned it off because he took forever to
      spitt, 60 seconds of wack chattin and the music itself should have been
      produced and mixed sharper, so back to my research info i done on Mr.
      Brains, not too much popped up when i google his name, his album popped
      up and a few videos he did from back in his hay days and a few up until
      now even saw a play he was apart of, only problem is i didnt find
      anything that would make him relevant like you said, from what i
      researched he is barley relevant in his own city(Cleveland) are you from
      Cleveland? also researched about Cleveland rappers and i can see why
      you would back this guy up, seems Cleveland follow trends and styles,
      for a minute there i thought i typed in ATL rappers by mistake, and of
      course Cleveland is know as the mistakes by the lake, hey you said
      research and boy am i finding out a lot of things about Brains and his
      hometown, so Miss Danisha i have done my research and i have found that
      MC Brains only been relevant for 15 minutes with his only platuinm album
      Lovers Lane in 1992 with only one hit record “Oochie Coochie”
      he is playing himself and making his city look bad, wait….that city is
      already looking bad…sorry truth is truth, only going by what i
      researched, just because he is recording, doing shows, making movements
      with this wack ass 7 7 7 crap do not make him relevant, no one know who
      the hell he is but YOU and Cleveland!!!!!

    • Killuminati

      Never heard of urban surviva7. .pro77y won’t ever either if your 7iving off an old mans dream 7o7. Give up you 7esbo

  8. ShortDogg

    Budden is definitely nice on the mic so I can’t go nowhere on the homie! All the posting should only be talking about is rapping skills.

    • Battle Fan

      According to my research on MC Pea Brains recommended by Dansiha he never made any money off his one hit number one single that made millions, the little money he did make he made bad choices in spending and is now living in his hometown of Cleveland broke still rapping at an old age well over 40…SMDH

      • AlbertoRipRon

        LOL so nigga trying to eat. That video is terrible.

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