Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What 90’s Rapper Is Dissin’ Joe Budden?

I didn’t know either Joey, but now I do. The homey MC Brainz didn’t like something that Joe Budden said in a song. I honestly feel super lame, because I had no idea. Now that I do…lets get into it.

Uh…back in the day…Joe said:

These MC’s is lame, I try to be a MC with brains
These niggas is MC Brains

This song, “Family Reunion,” is really old. I don’t know what the hell, b. Why MC Brains just now decided to respond. But, here it it.

This is weird to me. Uhm…I can’t really condone this…Joe “dissed” Brains in 07-08 and now…in 2014, he replies.
Here is MC Brains hit song from back in the day. He wasn’t really known as a battle dude. More pop-like/New Jack Swing.


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