Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Getting Sued Again?

I got a tip from somebody that has charged that Drake is about to get sued. I don’t know if this is real or not but, it warrants a rumor post. In the rumor, the person said that a woman was used on Drake’s album – in some form or fashion – without her consent. They said “the voice and the lyrics.” Now, I am wondering what this really is, to be real. Since I am not a big Drake fanatic, I don’t know the random female voices on his albums. Seems like this singer wants to perform songs that she contributed to and Drake’s camp doesn’t want her. This woman – who is nameless at the moment – will get to talking to blogs and sites like AHH of she doesn’t get paid to keep her trap shut. She’s allegedly been on three Drake albums.
Also, the tipster here says that Drake has done this in the past too and settled lawsuits. All I know is the one from Rappin 4 Tay:


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