Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Vs. Miami Groupies?

Word is things got a little reckless in Miami’s night spot Cameo between Drake and a group of females who call themselves “Taz Angels.” MediaTakeout reports that the incident went from zero to 100 reeeaalllll quick:

“According to a TOP MediaTakeOut.com snitch, a group of girls got on the microphone and addressed the crowd and called Drake out for not “messing with Taz’s Angels.” Taz Angels are a group of pretty Miami PARTY GIRLS that get paid THOUSAND of dollars . . . to provide ‘SERVICES’ for ballers and athletes.

Well Drake ain’t like the SLICK TALK. And MediaTakeOut.com learned that Drake immediately stormed to Taz’s table and had a heated exchange with the girls and the men who accompanied them. For a second it looked like it was going to be another CHRIS BROWN club incident. Luckily cooler heads prevailed, and the two sides hashed things out and continued the night partying until 5am.”

Here’s a pic of the ratchets ladies:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.57.02 AM


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