Jeezy Talks Auditioning To Play Tupac On Broadway, Ferguson Police + MORE

(AllHipHop News) You can’t ban the snowman from anywhere. In his upcoming cover story interview with The Source, Jeezy explained his audition for the Tupac play on Broadway, comments on the police reaction to the Ferguson demonstrations and more.

Jeezy, at his core, is a hustler and the opportunity to portray one of the greatest rappers of all time and make money from it is not a chance you pass up. The Tupac-inspired Broadway play Holler If Ya Hear Me was canceled after barely a month due to dwindling ticket sales. Undoubtedly, a star of Jeezy’s magnitude could have helped and he was willing to as he stated in his interview “I came to New York, auditioned and everything. Snoman was going to be on Broadway, man.”

Jeezy has compared being a rapper to a civil rights leader in the past and in the interview states he was “appointed by the people to be their spokesperson”. To the hood representative, the police response to the unrest in Ferguson, M.O. following Michael Brown’s shooting was handled counter-productively:

They did all the wrong things. Instead of going there and trying to resolve the situation, they went in there with tasers ,riot guns and riot forces, and you can’t come to my neighborhood and not expect us to stand up for what we believe in. You know, that type of shit happens in Iraq, that doesn’t happen in Ferguson.

The full interview will be released in the next issue of The Source.

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