Denzel Washington Names His Favorite Emcees During AMA Session

(AllHipHop News) Denzel Washington spoke directly with the people during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session. Fans were able to present the Oscar-winning actor with numerous questions.

One user wanted to know if Washington was a fan of rapper Eminem, and the star of the upcoming film The Equalizer answered by sharing three of his all time favorites.

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salmonderp: A lot of the marketing for The Equalizer has focused around the new Eminem song, “Guts Over Fear”. Are you and Eminem fan yourself and if so, what is your favorite song of his?

DenzelWashington: Eminem, yes, and I like Nas, and Jay-Z. Eminem and NAS are real wordsmiths. So yes, I’m DEFINITELY an Eminem fan. Where’s he been? Where you been Eminem?

Washington’s The Equalizer is scheduled for release on September 26. The movie’s trailer and soundtrack feature Eminem’s latest single “Guts Over Fear.”

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