Hip-Hop Rumors: Missy Elliot And Olivia Were Lovers, Says 50 Cent

That 50 Cent guy sure can keep people talking about him. The Breakfast Club jumped right into the beef! LOL! 50 was talking about random old G-Unit stuff with Mobb Deep and whatever and then dropped the bomb when Olivia’s name came in the picture.

“Missy started hiitin’ it.” – 50 Cent.

Did he really say that?
yes animated GIF

Man, go to the 14-minute mark. Olivia should have never opened her mouth, because 50 opened the rumors gate – even though this ain’t great big deal anyway.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDyxDng-uwc?feature=player_embedded]

50 wild. He said “hittin it.”


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