Hip-Hop Rumors: Flo-Rida Proved To Be Father In Paternity Case

Flo-Rida better start wrapping it up with these females, seems like he’s getting hit with these accusations quite a bit. Baller Alert is reporting that the rapper did in fact father video model Natasha Georgette’s child, whom he adamantly denied.

“She took him to court while she was pregnant last year in hopes of receiving ‘good fortune support’ which is basically a special kind of child support for rich people’s kids. She said at the time she needed his help with prenatal care and other birth-related expenses.She also wants a child support order to cover medical insurance, daycare, private school expenses, summer camp, etc. 

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Flo-Rida admits that he slept with Natasha multiple times, but says he wasn’t the only man she was sleeping with. He also apparently offered to pay for her abortion after finding out she was pregnant. I guess all of that doesn’t matter because a DNA test was administered and Flo is, without a doubt, the father of Natasha’s son.”

Hope he learned a valuable lesson, always keep a jimmy handy.


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