C-Murder Disses Brother Master P On "All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier"

(AllHipHop News) The real life story of Cain and Abel continues to play out between brothers C-Murder and Master P. The latest dispute comes in the form of Murder’s new song “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier.”

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On the track, the incarcerated rapper calls P an “unloyal hypocrite.” C-Murder also states he feels his one time “hero” tried to assassinate his character and may have called the police on him.

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Listen to C-Murder’s “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier” below.


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127 Responses to “C-Murder Disses Brother Master P On "All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier"”

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        I am a Caucasian male from Australia and I have studied/ listened to hip hop/african american culture for over a decade, and I do apologise for these uneducated, narcissistic keyboard players who in fact would probably try give you a high five in person…..

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  1. kingfresh

    can I be honest if c wouldn’t had the video of him bustin I da club den he may have had a chance shid he was too real he had money record label all dat but he choose to live the street life its a fucked up situation but how much do p owe you my nigga? he put all yall on… c-murder, mac, and souljia slim decided to live in the streets instead of move out of new Orleans and this is present day 2 in jail 1 dead and silkk is trash now I use to love no-limit use to steal they cds from target lol

  2. Terrance Goodman

    I’m a c murder fan since Tru. But he did himself in. Dumb actions. Too many cases. You have to beat them all. They only have to win 1

      • Terrance Goodman

        Never rocked a record company chain If I didn’t own the company.
        So sit your attention getting Hail Mary forgive you for touching them boys ass down. All
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      • Terrance Goodman

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    • ILL Will

      Oh u just gon ignore the smoke coming out the barrel of that lil oowop huh? He was definitely dumping in one of the videos, u must have seen sumn else. There were 2 cases of him dumping bruh

      • El Dogga

        I’m talking about the one where they didn’t let him in a club cause he didn’t want to get patted and than he pulled out his strap and everyone ran.

      • Eric E-Berg Allen

        The video you talking bout was at a club in Baton Rouge and he just pointed a gun, didn’t shoot at all.

    • Mike

      The video of C shooting after being refused in the club was a totally different incident nobody was shot or killed that night. Personally I don’t think C-Murder killed that 16 year old boy because when C had his first trial the prosecutor’s played dirty they took felonies off witnesses records if they testified against C and the judge was indicted after C was found guilty and he was released and given another trial where the prosecution failed to show any real evidence and one of the jurors said they feel C-Murder was innocent but the judge pressured the juror to put guilty so it wouldn’t of been a mistrial.

  3. therealest1

    The disgruntled brother who made stupid decisions that basically cost him his life now comes out. You gotta love this ignorant shit coming from him.

    It was his own fault for making dumb decisions for the sake of keeping it real. He just didn’t have common sense like his older brother to get out and pursue the positive opportunities that were there.

    I hate Master P’s music and shits he polluted in the late 90s that I knew was going to be a fad, but the guy had common sense to maximize his opportunities and avoid troubles unlike C-Murder’s dumb ass.

      • El Dogga

        How anyone deny that “Pull a Kick doe” with UGK and C-murder and Master P as not being a classic is a fool!

      • stackzscrilla

        That was the joint back in the G! That “Time to Check my Crack House” and “Break ‘Em Off Somethin'” with UGK had me trappin’ before the term Trap was relevant. #RealTalk

      • El Dogga

        MAN! What you know about “Time to Check my Crack House???”

        “Stopped by Exxon, tryna to get some gas/
        That’s when I seen 2 robbers on my a**/
        Played it off cool, Told V to get that pistol/
        Jumped back in the benz shoulda seen they head whistle!”

        Instahype music right there!

      • El Dogga

        I rock with Soulja Slim, Fiend, Mystikal, Silkk and C-Murder the hardest and that Mac Shell Shocked album still bangs!

      • ILL Will

        Same here I got the whole damn catalog on my ipod even serv on…didn’t even like dude, what u know bout that skull duggery and fiend testimony….lmao

      • El Dogga

        Serv on was sweet! Only album I didn’t buy was prime suspects! lol! Every tuesday I skipped class to cop the new albums back in the day and come right back to school lol.

      • therealest1

        You’re right, No Limit was shit. Live with it dog, it was a fad, a flash in the pan shit. It had a very few good years in the 90s, that boat came and sailed a long ass time ago. They never did shit since or made bigger progress.

      • El Dogga

        Where else were they suppose to go but down? Are you suggest they should’ve abandoned their natural grown talent (Mystikal, Fiend, Kane & Abel, TRU and Mia X) and go pop like Cash Money did (Drake and Minaj)?

      • Celz

        Why can’t they do like outkast, ludacris, or ti.. They just evolved never switched up too much.. And I don’t get how people can be rappers and not be interested in rapping better..

      • El Dogga

        Fiend has definitely evolved. I don’t check his new stuff but he definitely got on some chill stuff.

        I don’t think they had the artistical range to evolve like that.

      • brotha_man

        cant front i bump nothing but underground now. but Mystikal, fiend, kane and abel, mia x went hard on that no limit. p was too busy ripping of his artist to recognize the potential star power of his label . Mr. Serve-on was probably my favorite to bump tho

      • Terrance Goodman

        Me serv on n skull before skill caught that sex case
        Silk was always the weak link

      • El Dogga

        What! That “Next Level” album Mr Serv-on dropped was fire and slept on!

      • WWE 2K16 BAY BAY!!!!

        Your face is a fad, go listen to your auto tune jammie wammies

  4. hustle

    smh can’t blame p forever, he didn’t make you commit the crimes, and from what i remember he payed for all the lawyers and court costs.

    dont do the crime if you cant do the time

  5. ZUBU

    Brothas I don’t know all the details between C and P, but I know they are family and I don’t ever get involved in family members beef. If my girl beefs with her brotha I stay out as long as he don’t hit her. Cause at the end of the day when they calm down they are still family…. And one of them may be mad at you if you take a side…. I stay out of family beefs all I ever try to do is stop them from beefing, take no sides…

  6. therealest1

    C-Murder should just legally change his name to C-Moron based on his idiocy. If Ultimate Warrior and his kooky ass can legally change his name to Warrior while he was alive and leave his wife and 2 daughters with that as their surname, C-Murder can do the same since he’s already an idiot based on his choices.

  7. Tyfromthechi

    Man for all I no p put alot of niggaz on and he spent millions on his brother legal fees even if its bad blood right now I no c murder feeling some type of way and having mood swings cause he locked up for the rest of his life but never ever bite the hand that feed u this is straight blastphemous

  8. CJ

    If you are trying to beat a murder case, maybe the lawyers should advise him not to put out an album with the stage name ” C-Murder”? You kinda don’t want to remind people…

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