Hip-Hop Rumors: Stevie J And Joseline Move Out Of Dream Home?

Stevie J and Joseline appear to have it all on Ratchet Love and Hip-Hop ATL, a beautiful new home and plenty of goodies to fill it up with. But despite having the seemingly perfect life on television screens every week, the two may be falling on hard times.

Word is the couple just couldn’t keep up with the rent, and were warned that if they did not leave the premises quietly, they would be evicted. There were UHAULs spotted in front of the lavish mansion and MediaTakeout snagged a few photos.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.56.41 AM

Meanwhile Stevie claimed to be moving on up and hinted at the couple’s own spinoff coming soon.

Moving on out isn’t exactly moving’ on up, unless you’re upgrading to something bigger and better…


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