Karmella Daniel- "Water & Liquour"

The perfect fusion of R&B soul, jazz, and pop have been found in singer Karmella Daniel. Music is in her veins. In fact her father, Isaac Daniel, is a successful music instructor at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and he has accompanied great artists such as the Late Sarah Vaughan, Natalie Cole and the Temptations. Daniel’s mother, Emma Daniel, was an incredible singer who chose to be a mother over the pursuance of her own career in music. Daniel’s mother was the inspiration for her pursuing her dream in music. After college, she decided to start a new chapter in her life by relocating to Atlanta, G.A., the hub for R&B and Hip Hop music. With her new musical journey, Daniel’s also has a new track titled “Water & Liquor”. Produced by Milk N Sizz, “Water & Liquor” gives a sexy and fun feeling as her soft voice rides the up-tempo beat. The track is a perfect song for a night out on the town.

Check out the single below.