EXCLUSIVE: Murda Mook Talks Gladiator School With Snoop Dogg

After a starring role on Eminem’s Total Slaughter reality show and an absolute thrashing of his longtime rival Loaded Lux on PPV, Dot Mob general and New York native Murda Mook has become the official poster child for battle rappers worldwide.

With his star on the rise and the art form reaching new levels, it was no surprise that BET would want to capture some of the magic for the upcoming Hip-Hop awards.

But he was a bit surprised when (and how!) the Doggfather, Snoop himself hit him to do it.

Mook sat down with MrMecc to chop it up about the new Gladiator School segment, when and how rappers can audition, who’s already made the cut and how it all came to be.

Check the technique.

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