Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Shawnna Lying?

Uh….oh…the plot thickens a bit. You know Shawnna – or her camp – said that Chaka Zulu of DTP somehow black balled her off the red carpet? Well, I am hearing from some people close to that situation that have said that there is no truth to that at all. I don’t know what happened at all, but they have refuted the notion. Apparently, Chaka was one of the producers on the Hip-Hop Awards and the tipsters said that, for some reason, she was hated on. A couple people said that sounds nothing like Chaka Zulu, as he’s regarded as a nice dude and a low key legend in the Atlanta area. Anyway, Shawnna is the homey too so this is pretty interesting. I didn’t even think that there was friction with the Luda crew and their best female rapper.

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