Hip-Hop Rumors: Meet The Flockas?

Looks like The Flockas had enough and decided to do their own thing…

Newlyweds Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera were on this crazy a** season of Love and Hip-Hop ATL. Filled with fist fights and sex tapes, it seems like the pair were sort of the odd ones out amongst the other cast members.

VH1 saw fit that the couple strike out on their own. They both shared via Instagram that their spinoff reality show, “Meet the Flockas” would be coming soon.

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36 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Meet The Flockas?”

  1. docjambeats

    If someone had told me back in 2008/2009, when I first heard “Hard In Da Paint” that in 5 years Wacka would have his own reality TV show called “Meet The Flockas” , I would never have believed it.
    I suppose its a good look for them. Congrats to their family.

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      if someone had told me back in 2006/2007, when VH1 first dropped “Flavor of Love,” that reality TV would become a poisonous epidemic to good TV and our youth, i wouldn’t have believed it. the sad thing is every year brings more reality TV on more cable networks and the nonsense shows no sign of slowing down.
      cant knock the hustle i guess.

    • ZUBU

      Yeah bro, I don’t mess with any of the buffoonery, minstrel show type shiiit. Brothas and sistas acting ignorant for a few peanuts, cementing the stereotypes that are already associated with us…..SMH

      • Immortal

        But the ironic part is we’re not being pimped by the white man, we’re being pimped by one of our own, a black woman. That right there makes it a complete fail, yet no one wants to deal with that part.

      • Markus

        For the record I’ve called out Mona Scott Young for the demon and true culture vulture that she is for reinforcing stereotypes on TV for profit .

      • Immortal

        Bruh I’m not doubting you, but there are going to be those that want to use the “white man” excuse, when in certain cases YES it is, and in others, it’s plain as all hell that we’re doing it to ourselves. Personal accountability. Don’t support the show, the show goes away. Don’t give the show advertising in the sense of the “rumors” or “news” sections, no one will (hopefully) watch the BS and the show will run it’s course and go away. But if you put scandalous articles you’ll get clicks, and comments, and eventually Mona wins because folks will watch the show.

      • Markus

        You’re 100% correct. They make these shows full of lowbrow stereotypical humor add in your weekly altercation be it verbal or otherwise and for some reason beyond me people are hooked. Young would never use the power she possesses to do something worthwhile because serving the culture something it could actually benefit from isn’t a profitable venture. I mean seriously what’s these two buffoons’ functions other than entertaining the viewing public? Its a sad day every time these love and hip hop shows live for another week. People should wake up and stop giving these fools a life.

  2. Pope Chuck Paul

    At least this couple wasn’t doing anything crazy. the fighting and all that isn’t called for. black people do remember, white people have ratchet reality shows too. hell they did it before us. the real world.

  3. Guest

    smh. Don’t know if anyone remembers Waka talking abt how he didn’t like Wiz awhile back. Pretty sure they’ll both be in the same boat a year from now. No one heard of her before other than Instagram so once she gets this little buzz from TV & Waka fails @ trying to revive his shortlived music buzz. She’ll be gone w/…. how does Eddie Murphy say it in “Raw”….HALF!!!…half?….HALF!!!. Brothers gotta stop being so weak to the lightskin. lol.

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