Kendrick Lamar Talks Drake, J. Cole & The Impact "Control" Had On The Game (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) With the release of his new song “i”, Kendrick Lamar is once again in the media spotlight. It was one year ago that another K. Dot musical output shock the world. Big Sean dropped his “Control” track at the time, but it was Kendrick’s verse on the track that caught fire.

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The L.A. native’s challenge to his peers became the most talked about topic  in the culture for months. Kendrick sat down with Power 106 to discuss his “Control” verse and his relationship with two of the targets on the song – Drake and J. Cole.

“When I went in a did the verse, I thought I was just having fun. These cats I know. I’m just calling out and having fun,” said Kendrick. “But I see how the world took and flipped it – the media. I realized it has been 10-15 years before it has been some type of shaking up in the game.”

According to Lamar, “Control” did not affect how he interacts with his rap comrades. The TDE emcee was asked specifically about J. Cole and Drake.

“[We’re in the] same place. It’s all love from the moment I did the verse to after the verse,” added K. Dot. “I think Hip Hop is a sport, so you’re gonna have these little spits and spats. It’s all good, because personally I respect these dudes as people. Outside of that it’s really nothing.”

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Watch Kendrick Lamar’s interview below.


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